We are blessed to partner with Family Promise Of Greater Cleveland as they work to inspire and empower homeless families to transform their lives, become self-sufficient, and fulfill their promise.

The agency helps over 100 homeless families each year secure independent housing and the means to sustain it. Families of any composition reside free of charge in Family Promise facilities while benefiting from work with dedicated case managers who assist parents in finding housing and employment; securing financial support; linking to needed medical, mental health, and legal services; and engaging in important activities to ensure the well-being of their children. Case management services continue for at least four months after families leave shelter to help prevent returns to homelessness. The agency keeps families together through the trauma of homelessness and beyond as they strive to achieve long-term stability.


Family Promise – Adopt A Family Initiative

We encourage all members of our church family to consider becoming part of the Adopt A Family outreach initiative to residents of Family Promise. Participation includes sending cards, letters and other spiritual encouragement to families who are residents of Family Promise. To participate click here to send an email and we will contact you with details.