Zoom Training for Seniors (age 60+) and Disabled Adults (Age 18 and up)

Zoom is a web conferencing platform that is commonly used for audio and video conferencing. CHN Housing Partners is providing Zoom Training every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. Sessions are facilitated by Mrs. Shenee King, Digital Inclusion Coordinator.  To enroll:

  • You must have a device: computer, tablet or cell phone with internet access
  • Send an email to maryannfreeman@att.net or maryannfr66@gmail.com and she will provide an email to connect to the zoom training
  • Emails must be received by end of day Monday of the week that you desire to participate in a Wednesday session.

Virtual Summer Camp

 2020 Virtual Summer Camp

In the midst of the current Covid19 pandemic, our Bridge to Freedom School program is now VIRTUAL to continue providing essential education and enrichment for children over the summer. Registration has ended however you can see information regarding the program by clicking the link below.

2020 Virtual Camp Information


Grand Wedding Bell Party

Chef Julie Lightbourn brings her menu to The Swing’s brand new, redesigned pool scape with two restaurants – one poolside and one in the sand, on Paradise Beach.

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Convoy of Hope

Warrensville Community Baptist Church recently volunteered with Convoy of Hope and other local churches to help serve over 4,000 members of the community with information regarding our Way Out Recovery Ministry, groceries, haircuts, family portraits, health screenings, meals kids shoes, and much more.

Adopt A Family


We encourage all members of our church family to consider becoming part of the Adopt A Family outreach initiative to residents of Family Promise. Participation includes sending cards, letters and other spiritual encouragement to families who are residents of Family Promise. To participate click here to send an email and we will contact you with details.